November 1, 2011

Ferrari 599 GTO vs. Lexus LFA [Videos]

Evo Magazine took two of the most ferocious supercars on the planet and made these brilliant eargasmic videos that you can watch after the jump. Both vehicles scream like Formula One cars thanks to their high-revving engines. A 6.0-liter V12 engine powers the Ferrari 599 GTO giving it 660 horsepower at 8250 rpm, whereas the Lexus is powered by a 4.8-liter V10 that delivers a maximum output of 552 hp at 8700 rpm.
I am not sure if one could ever say which of the two is better as there is no argument that with either of them you can't go wrong. Fantastic supercars that will remain in the automotive history for a long time. Enjoy the videos after the jump and let us know which one you like better in the comments.

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